Provider of conducive, inclusive, and sustainable enviroment

We are a company for people and a company about people. We strive:

• To Our Residents, a company for your lifestyle and well being
• To Our Employees, a company for your growth and opportunities
• To Our Business Partners, a company for your success

Trendsetter of lifestyle and leisure experience

A leader in the creation, development and management of collaborative environments that promote inclusiveness, growth and economic opportunities to our diversified clients


47 East, your dwelling place:

Our story

In 2012, ALC Holdings transferred their headquarters to 47 Esteban Abada Quezon City to accommodate their expanding business in the telecommunications supply and service industry. It was an old residence but for the CEO and President, Allan L. Cristobal, it was a property that held much potential. With his visionary thinking, he saw a haven where students and professionals can live and work. Thus, Solana Suites was born. This was the first furnished dormitel in the area, as well as the first provider for co-working spaces through Discovery Co-working Space. In 2020, “Silong” opened as a Filipino-themed resort and events place bringing leisure and relaxation nearer to the community. 47 East is not just a place to go, instead, it is a place to dwell in, and a community to be part of. It incorporated the ingenuity of Filipino artistry in its design and a nature-inspired landscape inviting a sound and balanced lifestyle

Our values


Visionary- we think ahead, envisions continuous improvement
Customer Centric- We aim for customer delight
Quality- we do things right


Value-Centric- we recreate and reinvent ideas and turn into tangibles
Service-Centric- we are holistic in all our approaches


Passion- Wholehearted commitment
Purpose- Intentional in our endeavors

We EXIST for the WHEEL

Postively affect Wellness & Health of customers, patrons and guests

Maximize venue to Educate minds, expansion and deepening of knowledge

Image of Environmental preservation and sustainability

Channel of Livelihood and economic productivity from small to huge stakeholders


Discovery Cafe: home to
transformative minds

Experience more than a “desk & chair” as your coworking space. Instead, associate with people of various expertise, background, and mindset. Work, play and collaborate!

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Solana Suites Dormitory and Accommodation

Solana Suites: experience the Solana lifestyle

Your deluxe transient hotel in the metro offering the accessibility to prime locations and landmarks.

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Silong Resort and Events Place

Silong: the modern bahay kubo

A truly nature-inspired venue touched by the rich Filipino heritage.