Your hideaway in the city

Experience the warmth and hospitality of the Filipino culture depicting a family-centric tradition. Homey and welcoming encouraging engagement to families, friends and loved ones.

Silong is a breath
of fresh air in the
bustling metro

Silong is inspired by the significant architectural part of the traditional bahay kubo. It plays a crucial role in terms of protection and stability. In the modern Filipino usage, it depicts shade, symbolizing a shelter and a place to dwell. Silong also holds in itself the beauty of Filipino culture. From the language, music and art, and various traditions. We desire for our guests to experience the simplicity and class of what it means to be a Filipino.

Here at Silong, we want you to experience the serene place to dwell in. Be one with nature and the architectural art of Silong. Silong is your exemplary venue for your families, friends, and colleagues.

The wondrous delights of relaxation


Cabana is the modern "bahay kubo" inspired room with an airy feel inside providing you a comfortable bed and balcony for the whole family.

Common Lounge

Place where you can relax and bond with your family and friends. Enjoy the provincial feels far from your busy life in this city.


Experience and take delight the serenity of our outdoor private pool. Our poolside gives you unlax feeling of the lush greenery landscape and stunning outdoor furniture.

Stay in Silong