Delightful dwelling at Solana Suites

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Transient hotel for you and your needs. Come and see the value of comfort and luxury combined. More than accommodation, we give you a home to dwell in.

Find yourself at Solana Suites

Right at the heart of Esteban Abada street is Solana Suites, home to students and young professionals. Transient rooms to accommodate you. Feel the warmth of home at Solana


Known for its cleanliness and security, our transient rooms
will truly fit to your lifestyle


Conducive common lounges. Gather,
socialize and build network

at Solana Suites you can lounge in style and enjoy facilities such as:

Semi-furnished rooms with comfortable beds, closet, and aircondition

Strong and stable internet connection for free

A refrigerator in each room

Equipped with CCTV & Biometrics

Study Hall / Area

Toilet & bath in each room, with hot and cold shower

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